Bean Bag Filling & Refill

We are an online retailer for polystyrene bean bag filling to refill all of your bean bag needs. After sometime, the beans inside your beanbag becomes hard and compressed. To restore the comfort, you need to buy a new filling. We sell only pure virgin polystyrene beads, with a diameter of 2-3mm for each bead(more beads per litre). The beads are smaller than the ones usually sold at retailers giving each beads more mass and a much longer lifespan as well as extra comfort. click here for more information

Quick Size Guide Summary

Get one 100 Liters Bean Bag Refill to fill your beanbag when it is kindda flat and needs a bit of a boost !!

Get two to three 100 Liters Bean Bag Refill if your beanbag is more than flat or if it's a new small to medium sized bean bag which needs filling for the very first time.

Get four to five 100 Liters Bean Bag Refill if your beanbag chair is smoking new and needs filling for the first time. This will fill most large bean bag chairs covers